The Science

At Alphabond, we’re known for our chemistry, craft and collaboration
Adhesives science. It’s like alchemy. We take the best base materials from the world's largest players and blend them in a combination that delivers unbeatable end-properties — reducing machine downtime and delivering groundbreaking products that are often first to market.
Simple? Not really. It takes imagination, experience and a lot of R&D to solve problems that have baffled other manufacturers. We spend thousands each year on research and are at the cutting edge of technology in our market. Our chemists hunt tirelessly for the best technologies and we never stop inventing.
But science is just science until you make it improve your production. We combine pioneering R&D with the strongest technical service support to deliver the exact results you need. That's why Alphabond has long been the go-to company for businesses that really understand the bottom line. That’s why our strapline is, “Making adhesives technology work for you.”
Experiments can lead to beautiful things

A well-known British carton converter was buying a competitor's product, which worked. But we were confident that we could put improvements in place. Our sector-specific Technical Application Manager evaluated the company's lines and worked with our laboratory team to see how we could maximise operational efficiency.

After line appraisals and lab trials, we recommended a switch to Perfecta Max® adhesive. The results were immediate and obvious:

  • Increased line speeds from 40,000 cartons per hour to 60,000 cartons per hour
  • Thousands of pounds in cost savings from efficiency gains - the customer was able to go from a 7-day to a 5-day week!
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