FastLock ClearMelt® Technology

Virtually Invisible.

Crystal-clear hot melt labelling technology with great shear and peel strength

ClearMelt® grades are the unassuming heroes of our product range. Specially formulated to be virtually invisible, these guys hold labels on without a trace. Your customer will never know they're there.

Used on a wide variety of applications, this family of grades gives excellent results across the board. Plastic or paper labels, continuous roll-fed or magazine-fed, high and low line speeds, glass, PET, PP and metal containers all bond beautifully and one grade can often replace several, significantly reducing your inventory costs.

If that isn't enough, FastLock ClearMelt® comes in our unique PillowPack™ packaging. Self dissolving in your tank with no silicone outer packaging to remove or dispose of, this nifty packaging solution makes it easy for operators to top up the tanks little and often, reducing thermal shock and saving on specialist waste removal costs.

How's that for boosting your green credentials and your bottom line?

A snapshot of the benefits

  • Crystal-clear adhesive grades
  • Safer lower temperature applications
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Optimised viscosity for cleaner running
  • Highly versatile for hot, cold and condensated bottles and jars
  • High tack gives consumption savings of up to 30%
  • Easy to handle PillowPack™ format packaging