AquaPeel® Technology

At Last! A Bio-friendly Alternative to Pallet Wrap

Innovative pallet stabilisation solutions to eradicate slipped loads

Carbon footprints. We all have them and we all know that we have to reduce them. But did you know that you can radically slash your carbon footprint simply by changing the products you use?

Introducing the powerful, environmentally friendly AquaPeel® - a premier adhesive that allows you to do away with pallet wrap altogether; successfully saving breweries, distilleries, EVA producers, cement producers and flour mills money on their wrapping and reducing slipped loads.

Applied by spray or bead, AquaPeel® "locks" your product on the pallet as one complete block. Boxes and bags can be de-palletised easily with no damage to packaging. And, with application amounts from 0.06g per 6 inch line, the costs can be as little as 1.2 pence per pack to apply.

A snapshot of the benefits

  • Maximum load stability - completely eliminate slipped loads
  • Bio-friendly water-based palletisation adhesive - washes off your line
  • Eliminate customer complaints
  • Improve your pallet presentation - no 'corner crushing' of boxes
  • Only a few pence per pallet to apply - saving you thousands
  • No residual tack after drying - no sticky patches on your product for premium look
  • Massively reduce use of pallet wrap by 60-100%

"We saved 59% on our pallet stability last year - contributed to the use of your pallet stabilisation adhesive" - Major Global Soft Drink Brand