LabelLock® 8000 Technology

Stop Tearing on Startup.

Protect your foils with high-speed casein and starch-based labelling adhesives

The adhesive of choice for labellers of glassware, our natural-based LabelLock® 8000 range is specifically designed to stop the tearing of delicate foil labels on start-up.

Used in conjunction with heated pumps, these grades can vastly improve consumption and line speeds. And because the products contain only natural polymers from renewable resources, they aren't affected by the cost fluctuations of the petrochemical market.

So if you are looking for long-term sustainable supply, make the switch to LabelLock® 8000. Great gripping power on glass.

A snapshot of the benefits

  • Excellent tack to cold and or wet bottles
  • High adhesion to “hot fill” and warm bottles with zero label slip once applied
  • High coverage per kilogram means low consumption
  • Good solubility for fast, easy wash-down from bottling lines
  • Wide range of versatile grades for high speed or slow lines
  • Superior bonding across a range of labels including foils and metallised
  • Superb clean-running for low maintenance