FastLock CleanPeel® Technology

Slash Packaging Costs By Up To 60%

Innovative hot melt pallet stabilisation solutions that eliminate layer cards

CleanPeel® has to be one of the most efficient ways of "locking" your loads during transit, reducing damage and minimising litigation risk.

Equally at home bonding film as well as board, bags and boxes, CleanPeel® gives an instant bond which will remain effective even when the pallet is split down. That means you can re-stack the load with little loss in performance.

With a virtually invisible glue pattern and no fibre tear when unpacking, FastLock CleanPeel® is a winner that keeps your brand prominent. It's clean, it's green, and it cuts packaging costs by 60%, saving you money on stretch wrap and protecting the environment.

A snapshot of the benefits

  • Completely eliminate case film wrap
  • Cut your packaging costs with 60% reduction on pallet wrap
  • Eliminate layer cards and anti-slip sheets
  • Reduce transport damage through spilt loads
  • Reduce environmental impact from excess packaging waste
  • Stop corner crushing on boxes from pallet wrap
  • Superior performance on bags, boxes, tray and shrink packs
In recent trials, a cement producer found with layer cards only, there was little stopping the bags from shifting. When CleanPeel® was applied, it "locked" the load (see top image) and they no longer required layer cards.