SafeMelt Colour ChangingTechnology

New patent-pending, colour-changing hot melt adhesive dramatically improves factory safety, productivity, profitability and planet-friendliness.

SafeMelt is:


  • SafeMelt starts off blue when cold, then turns red when hot
  • Provides strong adhesion to most types of cartons and cases
  • Operates at a wide range of storage temperatures


  • Runs at only 98 degrees C (versus 140-180 of competitors)
  • Turns red when it can burn, making accidents less likely
  • Competitor products run hotter and burn deeper into skin

Saving money, time and the environment

  • Energy and CO2 savings up to 67%, much better for the planet
  • Consumption savings up to 37%
  • Eliminates charring, degradation and blocked nozzles, minimising your downtime and maximising your productivity and profitability