Food and Beverage

Tailor-Made For Your Production.

Bespoke solutions for the food, beverage and confectionery sector

Over the years, we’ve maintained some remarkable relationships in a variety of markets. But if we had to choose our core market, we’d say it was food and beverage. Alphabond is proud to provide a suite of operations-critical solutions for distilleries, breweries, cider makers, soft drink manufacturers, water bottlers, food producers and more.

Engineered to maximise your Triple P (Productivity, Presentation and Profitability), our hot melts and wet glues for labelling, carton-closing, case sealing and pallet stabilisation give dozens of value-added benefits. Reduced consumption. Faster clean downs. Better label dress. And because we don’t outsource - every step of the process is carried out in-house - we can develop a formula to do exactly what you want it to do, no matter how complex.

We're especially proud of the many new and innovative products that have found their way into our portfolio. Things like:

  • Oil resistant hot melts (bergamot, peppermint, kerosene oils)
  • Anti-clumping hot melts for auto-fillers
  • Water-based pallet stabilisation grades with no residual tack
  • Grades for Met-pol
  • Easy wash-down IWR wet glues for labelling.

Automatically applied to product travelling along the conveyor, you're sure to achieve showstopping presentation at an exceptionally low cost per unit. So if it’s unsurpassed value you’re after, contact Alphabond today.

Clean-running hot melts eliminate downtime from blocked nozzles
LabelLock products give huge reduction in winging on brewery lines