Who We Are

We get a kick out of bringing cost efficiencies to your business.

There's so much we could tell you about our company, but let's keep it simple.

We are a global powerhouse in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performing, value-added adhesive solutions.

We’re smart. We’re grafters. We’re dedicated to doing business the right way. And we love applying science to creating adhesives that make things better for your business. Like optimising line speeds. Slashing downtime. Reducing consumption and, ultimately, saving you money.

Since our humble beginnings in 1994, the company has enjoyed strong year on year growth to where we are today — bringing trusted brands to global markets. How? Through blending cutting-edge adhesive technologies with time-proven business values. All wrapped up in a culture of continuous improvement to ensure that quality is owned, monitored and made better over time.

Over 20 years of rich history

1994: Alphabond founded by Ian Shaw with a mission to supply engineering adhesives to a wide range of industries.

2002: Refocused our efforts on hot melt adhesives for the production assembly, packaging and coating markets. It was during this time that our heavy focus on the Triple-P: Productivity, Presentation and Profitability began.

2004: The grand opening of our industry-leading technical service laboratory. This enables us to quickly test our customers' substrates and conduct off-line trials without impacting production — a major part of our value added.

2005: A major milestone for us as we set our sights on water-based packaging and labelling adhesives for the booming food and beverage markets, strengthening our visibility in this sector.

2012: Launch of our state-of-the-art R&D facility delivering performance not previously possible. Since 2012, we have developed several market-leading technologies which are unique to Alphabond.

2013: UK manufacture started for some of the more specialist R&D developments with facilities to pilot batch and scale up.

2014: Performance on a global stage — our first orders from distant shores as far as Australia. We continued to make large investments in our laboratories which gave us the ability to test hot melt and water-based adhesives at high speeds to simulate production line conditions.

2016: Massive expansion led us to move to our current location in Northwich.

Today, we are a high-growth, dynamic company at the cutting edge of adhesive technologies with customers located all over the globe. Continuous improvement and strong relationships remain the cornerstones of our business as we position ourselves for future growth.