Difficult Surface?

Superior bonding for case, carton and lamination applications

With a reputation for being able to bond pretty much anything, we love it when you challenge us to find new technology to bond your speciality packaging.

We’re on it every day, researching in the lab so that we can match an adhesive to the specific needs of your production, maximising your manufacturing efficiency and delivering immediate and sustainable savings.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t overpromise. We just work hard to find the right adhesive, in the right formulation, so you can get the most out of your production.

So come on, why not challenge us to come up with a "Right First Time" product for you today?

Our range:

  • Superior bonding on a broad range of substrates including difficult surfaces such as BOPP, APET, PET, Metpol, grease resistant, wax coated and more
  • Deep freeze adhesives for high bond strengths on cartons
  • Tray sealing adhesives — excellent on high-memory trays for high speed lines
  • Ream wrapping and paper bonding applications for sealing paper bags
  • Paper and plastic lamination adhesives
  • Window patching and side seam adhesives for cartons and skillets
  • Point-of-sale display packaging adhesives

"Uses far less glue than previously... a reduction of more than 30%" - Packaging Manager [Water bottling company]