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Case Studies

"significant reduction in lost time and minimal customer complaints"


A leading producer of personal hygiene products wrote in with this extremely positive feedback

"As discussed on your recent visit to the plant I would just like to pass on my feedback to you regarding our experience with your product and what it is doing for us as a business.

Since the introduction of your product on our case erectors we have had no issues or complaints from any of our customers in relation to case integrity and strength of adhesion. This was an issue prior to switching to Alphabond, so now that we are a fully established in this glue the yield and consistency remains as high today as when we started.

We have introduced lidded product into the market and in our early days we were in a different glue system. While working with you we have not only been educated and shown the possibilities of your product, but also, and very importantly you have a listened to our needs and the needs of our customers which allowed us to trial your product over a couple of months.

The report and presentation that you generated allowed me to lead the business alongside our Quality Manager and Engineering Manager into changing our glue offering.

We successfully launched into the FastLock system and we have expanded this to each of our robot machines. We have seen significant reduction in lost time and minimal customer complaints now we are in the new glue.

One of our challenges was shipping product to Australia, the original glue was proving to be a problem and we were seeing some bonding issues. After trials and testing we have not had a repeat of this issue since, and the customers are extremely happy with the improvements.

So to sum up, we are very happy, with the quality of your product, the consistency and the technical support we receive. We look forward to building this partnership more in the future."

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