Who are the top 10 hot melt adhesive suppliers in the UK/Ireland?

We know its a question that many buyers of hot melt want to know - who are the top providers of hot melt adhesives in the UK/Ireland and how do they compare?

It is our vision to be thought of as leaders in the adhesive field and so we felt it was important to give you valuable insights from our 3 decades in the market.

It's important to note that "the right fit" will be different from application to application, so it's important to consider that it is 'horses for courses' . You firstly need to outline what is most important for you. Is it price? Delivery? Best technology? Application support? Compliance?

To make the glue-buyers' life easier, we've knuckled down and made this handy blog which outlines all the top suppliers in the UK and Ireland market. 

Now you're expecting us to plug ourselves aren't you? Well, you'll be relieved to know we don't feature in the list!

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A note of caution - whilst we title this blog 'the top 10 hot melt suppliers' these are all suppliers who we see in the market in the UK/Ireland and not necessarily good or poor, large or small - they all have varied competencies in different market areas.


Henkel Adhesive Technologies is one of the largest global manufacturers of adhesives, they work in many industries including: Wood Furniture and Building Components Industrial Maintenance and Repair Manufacturing Medical Metal Processing Packaging and Paper Personal Hygiene Sports and Fashion Tapes, Labels and Graphics  Data & Telecom Infrastructure to name a few and they own the brands such as technomelt, Aquence, Schwarzkopf  Persil and Loctite 


Bostik (UK) a world-class leader in sealing and bonding technologies for both industries and consumers, covering a broad range of markets such as construction, packaging, automotive, high tech, hygiene products, etc.  They have more than 6,000 people in 50 countries across five continents, their brands include Kaizan, Evo-Stik and Blu Tack



HB Fuller founded in 1887 H.B. Fuller Company is a major American adhesives manufacturing company supplying industrial adhesives worldwide. The company has long received praise in ethical investment circles for such things as careful handling of toxic waste and the nature reserve built around its headquarters. They own brands such as Cyberbond, Eternabond, Advantra, Clarity and Full-Care


Beardow Adams Unique Adhesives based in Bradville Milton Keynes as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Beardow Adams supplies a vast range of hot melt pastilles, prills, blocks and drums producing a range of hot melt and water-based adhesives and their brands include Prodas  BAMFutura and BAMcare


The Adhesive Company or TAC  Established in 1992, the company supplies a broad range of industrial and domestic adhesive products to a diverse range of customers 


Caswell Adhesives Strategically placed in central England, they can develop and manufacture quality-assured custom adhesives to businesses both across the UK and overseas. The range includes hot-melt, water-based, moisture-cured and solvent-based adhesives


Sealock Ltd based in Andover is part of Follmann which is an independent family-owned Chemical company based in Minden, Germany. They manufacture adhesives as well as printing inks, coatings and various other specialist products for Industrial markets


Interlock Adhesives, based in North Lincolnshire are one of Henkel’s Premium re-sellers in the UK with the brands such as technomelt and Aquence


Eva-Tec are based in Balbriggan just outside Dublin, they are one of Henkel Adhesives Premium Partner distributors supplying hot melt and label adhesives in the brands such as technomelt and Aquence 


Jowat Adhesives Jowat SE with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives. These are mainly used in woodworking and furniture manufacture, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry 

Honourable Mention: Direct Adhesives Premium distributor Partners of Henkel and since 1996, they help customers improve their production processes. Henkel are the largest manufacturer of adhesives in the world with brands such as technomelt and Aquence

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