Reducing Factory Downtime With Hot Melt Adhesives – Your Ultimate Starter Kit

At Alphabond, we've come up with the perfect starter kit to begin your hot melt adhesive journey, helping to improve your factory's health and safety whilst also reducing downtime.

Our starter kit includes everything you need to get started with hot melt adhesive, including:

✅ 60 litre wheelie bin for keeping the adhesives clean and clear
    ✅ Safety visor to keep operators safe from splashes
      ✅ Protective gloves to protect operators against burns
        ✅ Adhesive scoop for filling the glue tank
          ✅ Alphabond metal water bottle and tube of goodies to keep operators fed
            ✅ Operator set up card showing the correct temperature settings for optimized production
              ✅ Hints and tips guide utilizing years of experience in setting up adhesive to perform well with minimum maintenance.

                But that's not all - our starter kit also includes a sample of our generation 6 Ultimate Cool 98 adhesive. This adhesive runs at just 98°C in the tank, allowing for an enormous reduction in charring, huge health and safety benefits, and eliminating blocked nozzles amongst other amazing benefits.

                We understand that downtime on a production line can be costly and frustrating. That's why our Ultimate Cool 98 adhesive is designed to reduce downtime and increase efficiency, saving you money and time in the long run.

                To get the full details of our adhesive starter kit emailed to you, along with more information on why Alphabond is the right choice for you, just fill in the form below!