The Hidden Truth Behind Hot Melt Adhesive Pricing: Don't Fall for the Scam!

Have you been offered a low price for hot melt adhesives per litre?

In the competitive world of manufacturing, a low price is a significant factor that businesses consider when making purchasing decisions. However, it's essential to look beyond the surface and understand if it is as good as it appears to be or if you're comparing apples with pears.

Today, we reveal the unscrupulous practices being carried out which can lead a customer to think they are paying less than they really are for their hot melt.

The True Cost Breakdown - how it works:

A customer is offered a good price for a hot melt supplied in a 20 Litre container - the glue is cleverly priced per litre. Now we know that hot melts are nearly always supplied in kilograms, so when a customer gets a price from a new supplier, they invariably compare the price on face value without expecting the unit of measure to be any different.

Why does this matter? 

Well, if it was water that was being sold, it wouldn't matter, because 1 kilogram = 1 litre. But when it comes to granulated hot melts, it's a different ball game altogether because a 20L litre container actually only holds 12.1 kg of granulated hot melt!  Therefore 1L in this container = 0.60 kilograms - that's the bit they hope you won't notice, because suddenly a price of £3.80/litre is actually £3.80/0.605 =  £6.28/kg!  That's not a cheap hot melt anymore.

The customer who noticed this has weighed the 20L buckets and shared the pictures below, it shows the 20L container is approximately just 12.1 kilograms of adhesive.

So what does good value look like?

It is crucial to consider the quality and performance of the adhesive when making a purchasing decision, so firstly you are comparing apples with apples and secondly, you are looking at the total cost of ownership.

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