SafeMelt: Where Worker Safety and a Visual Factory Combine to Produce Cutting Edge Technology in Hot Melt Adhesive

If you have a packaging line using hot melt, you understand the importance of prioritising worker safety and maximising production line OEE. Traditional hot melt adhesives can cause burns and degrade quickly, resulting in increased downtime and costly production delays.

That's why we've created SafeMelt.

We're proud to introduce this revolutionary hot melt adhesive that offers factories several benefits that address these common concerns, read on to find out why everyone's making the switch to SafeMelt.

Primarily launched for forward-looking factories that seek operator safety improvements, innovation and reduction in energy to enable hitting C02 savings goals, we're excited to introduce SafeMelt to the market. Check out our short explainer video below:


SafeMelt is formulated to be safer for workers, it's in the name! The adhesive visually warns operators when it gets hot by turning red in the tank.  When it is safe and cold it is blue in colour.  This unique feature prevents burns and reduces the risk of workplace injuries, as well as promoting "visual factory

Other benefits that SafeMelt users report are:

  • 54% Less Energy: SafeMelt runs at just 98°C, which saves energy and emits less CO2. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option and can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint (you can calculate your own energy saving by going to our calculator and inputting your current running temperatures to see what your saving will be: )

  • Reduced Charring: SafeMelt reduces charring in the glue tank, which can lead to fewer maintenance issues and reduced downtime.  Consider this, SafeMelt runs at a lower temperature than most hot melt tanks are when they are put into their 'stand-by' mode - that's why you don't get any char or carbonisation, because at just 98°C the glue temperature is exposed to considerably less heat.

  • No Blocked Nozzles: Very simply, when the glue is sat in the tank at such low temperatures, this stops it charring - and if you prevent it charring then this eliminates blocked nozzles -  which are a common problem with most adhesives that run at over 120°C in the tank. This means that your factory can enjoy more reliable performance with less unplanned maintenance.

SafeMelt is suitable for many standard packaging applications including corrugated cases, carton sealing and tray forming and is easy to use, with a quick setting time, and provides a strong bond that is resistant to moisture and works in deep freeze, fridge applications.  It is not suitable for coated carbons - such as grease resistant, metpol or BOPP coated boards.

"SafeMelt's patent-pending technology is certainly turning heads in an industry where there has been little innovation for many years." said Dylan Shaw, CEO of Alphabond. "It's a game-changer for hot melt glue users looking for safer, more sustainable and energy efficient ways to close cases and cartons. SafeMelt represents a new era of 'smart' adhesive technology that will revolutionise the way we think about adhesives and takes the 'hot' out of 'hot melt!'"

Check out our video of SafeMelt's colour-changing technology working in a Nordson tank below:

SafeMelt is an innovative hot melt adhesive that provides a safer, more sustainable, and efficient solution for businesses. Whether you're looking to improve worker safety, reduce energy costs, or minimise downtime, SafeMelt is the ideal adhesive for your production line. 

To see how this technology can improve your production process and introduce a new level of worker safety to your factory fill out the form below and one of the technical team will be in touch with a discovery session to see if this technology is suited to your application: