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This month’s top tip is all about blocked nozzles and how to prevent them. This issue often occurs on production lines and causes downtime due to the size of nozzles being very small, so when any foreign bodies get into the line, the nozzle can easily become blocked.

Make sure you keep your adhesives in a clean storage bin with the lid shut to avoid any debris getting caught in the nozzles. We provide storage bins for our adhesives as part of our starter kit, check it out on our blog through the link ⬇!

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Since November, we’ve been offering adhesive health checks to our customers. Our adhesive expert Nigel (left) will come to your factory and assess your production lines, offering tailored advice and expertise in how you can optimise your lines to increase your productivity and profitability. Slots are booking up fast so get yours booked now!



Our Ultimate Cool 98 adhesive is an incredible, generation 6 adhesive that runs at just 98 degrees in the tank. If you’re already using this product then you’ll know the amazing advantages this provides including no charring, improved health and safety benefits and ultimately reducing downtime on the production line.

If you’re not using Ultimate Cool and you’re interested in learning more about it, give us a call from the number at the bottom to talk it through with one of our adhesive experts and find out whether Ultimate Cool is the right choice for you.

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A big welcome to our new team member Jack! Jack is to be the latest member of our Sales Support Team. He is based in Northern Ireland and will be serving our Irish and Northern Irish customers, so if you’re in Ireland drop him an email at to discuss your hot melt needs!

Jack supports Tottenham Hotspur and his dream car is a McLaren 765LT. He is a great addition to the sales team and if you hear some Irish tones coming through the phone, there’s a good chance its Jack!

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Our R&D team has also seen a new member, welcome George! We’re so excited to welcome George to the team, he’s well experienced in the world of adhesives and we can’t wait to see some of the new products he gets stuck into.

This month the team have been working hard on new hot melt adhesives that change from blue when cold ❄to red when they get hot 🔥Imagine if you had an adhesive that your operators could tell it was safe to touch just by looking at it. That’s exactly what this will bring to the table and it’s why we’re so excited about the work the team are doing at the moment!

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We have no hesitation in recommending Alphabond and their products to other companies who use glue in their process.

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Greene King

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Ultimate Cool 98 is a great product. We managed to achieve a substantial saving on the amount of glue used per application and reduced the temperature of the holding tank allowing us to save on energy.

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