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Welcome to the July edition of The Bonding Bulletin! Giving you the best industry practices from decades of experience in adhesives, helping customers maximise their productivity and profits!

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We found a huge difference using your product as opposed to our old glue. In truth I wasn’t expecting to see a big difference, how wrong I was!  




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We have a much-improved product that is stronger and cleaner than our previous supply with the added benefit of a substantial cost saving.





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Increase the compression time to stop pop opens! 

If you're experiencing boxes popping open after leaving the production line in your factory, there are some really simple solutions you can try. One of these is to increase the time that the bond is in compression, either by slowing the line down or if possible, lengthening the compression bars so that the carton or case is not released for a few more seconds.  


This is a great way to keep your boxes sealed, but can be an issue for some factories where the speed of production is vital. We've created a blog which details the top 5 solutions if this is a problem you're experiencing. Click the button below to hopefully find a quick fix!     

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PPMA 2023! 

We're delighted to announce that we will once again be exhibiting at the PPMA exhibition at the Birmingham NEC from 26th-28th September. Make sure you come and see us on stand A21.


We've got some really exciting things to show off, including how we can save you money in energy bills and our new shadow boards, which promote a 'visual factory' to maximise your production productivity. Check out our stand at last year's show below:                    



If you haven't heard about our brand new hot melt adhesive SafeMelt yet, you need to have a read of a few of it's key benefits below:


• Changes from blue when cold, to red when it can burn

• Enhances health and safety for operators

• Uses up to 54% less energy

• Operates at just 98°C


If you're intrigued by SafeMelt, we're offering free gingerbread for a limited time with every trial! Secure yours now by emailing us here:    

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Meet the team



We are thrilled to announce the addition of John Lloyd to our team as Sales Director. 


John brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in growing the circular economy and promoting climate initiatives. On top of this, having spent several years honing his skills in strategic business development and customer relations, we're poised for sustainable growth. 


His ability to understand and address client needs has helped him build an impressive network and earned him a stellar reputation within the industry. We are confident that John's dedication and customer-centric approach will not only significantly benefit Alphabond and our valued customers, but also help us improve our planet-friendliness. 




With planet-friendliness at the top of many businesses minds at the moment, our R&D team have been working to develop closed loop recycling solutions in the hot melt sector, incorporating recycled plastics in adhesives - branded BioMelt-R.        


If you're looking for more recyclable solutions for your company or want the adhesive you use to be based on the same as the substrate (for example, if you have a polypropylene non-woven and want to use a polypropylene glue so they can be recycled together), then BioMelt-R is the product range for you.                      



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