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Welcome to the August edition of The Bonding Bulletin! Giving you the best industry practices from decades of experience in adhesives, helping customers maximise their productivity and profits!

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We invited our partners at Alphabond onto site to assist us with a problematic label adhesion issue. The Alphabond team suggested we try Label-lock 70810F. This glue has vastly improved performance on the new label substrate.    


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You have always been quick to respond and have made a point of focussing on improving our line efficiency by making regular visits/audits, enabling us to make considerable cost savings on both our casein based glues and hot melt.   




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Save Energy With Newer Generation Adhesives!

If you're running a hot melt that is yellow, smelly and running at 160°C+, then you're running old technology. Our generation 6 and 7 hot melts such as Ultimate Cool 98 run at just 98°C (it's in the name!) as you can see in the Nordson tank on the right. See below for some of the benefits that upgrading adhesives can bring: 


• Up to 70% Energy Savings

• Over 50% Reduction in CO2

• Eliminate Blocked Nozzles and charring in the tank  


While it is not possible to upgrade in every application, it is certainly worth contacting us to see if it's possible for you. Click below to enquire now:

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We can't wait to exhibit once again at the PPMA show next month, from September 26th-28th. Make sure to pop down to see us and have a chat, we're always available for a quick natter!    


Our Alphabond TukTuk is making it's second appearance with a new look which you'll have to come along to see! Make sure you register for your free tickets now through the PPMA website below:                       



FastLock 82+ is a new grade we've created for sealing insulation rolls and hot melt labelling onto PET, PVC and PE substrates among others.


It's high versatility is something our customers using it love, with a low viscosity it can be used in jetting applications allowing for clean running on faster machines and a much lower application temperature than standard grades. The high peel strengths also allow for economical usage.  


 To talk to us about FastLock 82+ in your factory, click below:   

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Meet the team



We are delighted to announce another addition to the team, with Ross Whittingham joining as our new Key Account Manager. Ross brings a wealth of experience in building customer relationships and we can't wait to have him with us at the PPMA as well.   


We have opened up our diaries for our customers to book time with us at the PPMA show through the link below. If you would like to meet Ross and discuss your adhesives, why not come and have a chat on our stand at the show? Just book in through the link below and we'll have a goodie bag ready for you!                      




In case you haven't heard, or R&D team have been hard at work recently working on turning waste plastics into helt melts, turbo-charging the circular economy. The resulting range of adhesives is branded BioMelt-R, see below for some of the key benefits:


 • Incorporate recycled plastics into the base formulation

 • Based around the polymer that they are applied onto, allowing the consumer to recycle as one polymer type

• Grades for many markets such as show manufacture, construction materials, bottle labelling,  pallet stabilisation, hygeine products, textile laminating and many more.

• Enables significant reduction of single-use plastics which enables exemptions in plastics tax.


If yo'd like to enquire about BioMelt-R and become an early adopter, click below:    



T: +44(0)845 521 2057



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