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Welcome to the June edition of The Bonding Bulletin! Giving you the best industry practices from decades of experience in adhesives, helping customers maximise their productivity and profits!

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While working with you we have not only been educated and shown the possibilities of your product, but also, and very importantly you have listened to our needs and the needs of our customers.  


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We reduced downtime from 6.09% to an average of less than 1% sustained for a full year. The biggest contributor to this was the change in glue.      



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Reduce Glue Usage by 54% by a drop down in nozzle size - which is a £74,750 saving for a typical food factory. Did you know that the size of your hot melt adhesive nozzle can significantly impact glue usage? In fact, switching from a 0.4mm to a 0.3mm nozzle can result in a whopping 54% reduction in glue consumption.


Suppose you want to make usage savings and reduce downtime. In that case, you need to consider upgrading to a higher-quality adhesive - if you go to a finer nozzle with a hot melt that has bits in, then you're in for more downtime to change the nozzle - to avoid this, upgrade to generation 6 or 7 adhesive which runs at 98°C in the tank and is totally carbon-free. Click below to request access to the full nozzle comparison chart.

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Advancements in Adhesives

We've created a captivating video and blog post that takes you on a deep dive into the evolution and innovation of hot melt adhesives since their creation! Click the link below to check out the video and blog!


Discover the benefits of the first ever hot melt adhesives (are you still running generation 1?) and the vast improvements made with generation 6 adhesives and the benefits of the low operating temperature. Finally, discover the incredible leap in technology with generation 7 and SafeMelt, detailed in the adhesive showcase below!     




This month, our brand-new generation 7 adhesive, SafeMelt, has officially launched! We're so proud to bring this incredible technology to the market.   


SafeMelt is formulated to be safer for workers; it's in the name! The adhesive visually warns operators when it gets hot by turning red in the tank. When it is safe and cold, it is blue in colour. This unique feature prevents burns, reduces the risk of workplace injuries, and promotes "visual factory".


Couple this with it running at just 98°C in the tank, reducing energy usage, CO2 output and eilminating blocked nozzles and charring, and you've got one awesome hot melt! To talk to us about SafeMelt, click below!     

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Meet the team



One thing you should probably know about us at Alphabond... we LOVE food! Check out one of our recent lunches where we fired up the BBQ for juicy burger, sausages and skewers. With the weather this good, we really had no choice!        


Our team really are the heart of Alphabond and we can't thank them enough for all their hard work day after day. If you'd like to contact the team about your adhesives, just click the link below!   




With our decades of experience with hot melts, we've learned that no production line is ever the same. This also proves true  for the requirements of the glue.     


This month, one of our customer's opened up a new production line with very specific requirements from the adhesive. Our R&D team got straight to work on creating a bespoke adhesive grade for the customer's needs. If you have a new line or have a change in requirements, let us know by clicking the link below and we'll get the team to work!                     



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