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Downtime Calculator

Poor adhesives. What are they costing you? How much money are you flushing down the drain in nozzle blockages, stoppages and lost profits?

For an instant calculation of your downtime costs, please fill in the attached questionnaire. We'll send you a FREE report of the hidden cost associated with poor adhesive usage, plus some suggestions for where you can save money.


  Set Currency    
Q1 What speeds are you running at?   /min
Q2 How long does it take for one of the guys to respond to a call-out when you get a blocked nozzle?   mins
Q3 What is the cost of buying new nozzles? £  
Q4 Typically how long does it take to get production up and running?   mins
Q5 How many people would you have on the line when you get a blocked nozzle?    
Q6 Roughly what are they paid per hour? £  
Q7 What would the average unit selling price be of the product you are typically running? £  
Q8 Typically, how many blockages do
you get on each line per ?
Q9 How many lines get these blockages?    
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