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Case Studies

"Unmatchable quality and consistency"


After using the same old grade of adhesive for years, this bakery manufacturer assumed that regular nozzle blockages were unavoidable for hot melt adhesive. Production rubbed along until a serious case of pop-opens convinced the engineering team to look at alternatives.

After calculating the potential savings, the customer agreed to trial our Perfecta® grade adhesive. The superior heat stability was immediate and obvious. Nozzle blockages and charring were eliminated overnight with substantial improvements to clean-down time. There were virtually no pop opens from blocked nozzles. Better still, the client got by on far less glue-delivering a massive 28% consumption savings.

Since switching to FastLock Perfecta® 3P, the benefits have become even more apparent. The adhesive has proved versatile enough to cope with all board materials and at different line speeds. The outstandingly high tack has enabled operators to reduce the amount of adhesive applied; consumption savings are still being made. Over time, the exceptionally clean running, low-odour formula actually purged the hot melt systems clean, reducing downtime, reducing spend on spare parts and boosting production output for an instant hike in profits.

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