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Case Studies

"257% increase in production speed"


Line speeds of 14,000 pcs per hour were the norm for this well-known packaging company. But time is money on folder gluer machines. Every converting manager wants to eke out a little extra speed.

Often, the bottleneck in production is the adhesive. Machines cannot run at their full capacity if the setting speed of the adhesive does not allow them to. Ironically, because production time is so valuable, many managers are hesitant to trial a new product without a compelling reason to do so. When Alphabond suggested that their new Perfecta® Max 40 grade would enable line speeds of up to 30,000 pcs per hour, more than twice the current speed, the potential benefits were too great to ignore. A trial was quickly arranged.

In the event, the results were even more dramatic than projected. Line speeds were temporarily ramped up to 50,000 pcs per hour still giving good fibre tear and without excessive tailing. That's an amazing 257% increase-saving thousands of pounds in efficiency gains and giving the client a major advantage in the competitive world of packaging.

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