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Case Studies

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When we first met this leading food manufacturer they were buying a competitor's product - which worked.  But the client was keen to see if Alphabond could generate further cost and efficiency savings.

Trials of our Fastlock Perfecta® Max 24 grade were initially run on a box sealer, alongside an identical trial of the competitor's original grade. The result?

  • Notably less stringing/webbing with Perfecta Max, slashing the amount of housekeeping required on the machines
  • Reduction in compression/glue set time from 4 seconds to just 1.5 seconds - enabling the customer to increase the throughput of boxes on the sealer with far less backlog
  • Zero reports of poorly sealed boxes
  • 30% reduction in coat weight

As a result of the success of this trial, the client converted all their lines to Alphabond saving thousands of pounds through efficiency gains.

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